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Woodcut: a technic of graphic reproduction with a long past and a a long future

in the modern era the technic consisting in printing woodplates on which has been cutted an image, has its origin in Asia, as follow to the invention of cellulose-paper.

But long time before were in use simple stamps of wood to print cloths, while we have notice of using among the old Egyptians of in-wood-cutted stamps, that they printed on their Papyruses as a kind of seal.

But in Europe only during the 15.century the reproduction of small images printed on paper experienced a big and fast spreading. Even if in the next century other technics of graphic reproduction were developed, print by wood plates rimaned still until 20th century the very only way to create more than 200 copies from a single engraved plate.

Photography and its applications in the mechanic print technics throught woodcut away from its non-replaceable role in the print industry;
on the other hand, at the beginning of 20th century woodcut came back in an esthetic dimension, thanks german and french artistic Avangards, which made of it one of their most charcteristic instruments, and reappraised its expressive power.
Sice that time it has never ended to be one of the most appreciated artistic technics. At the same time it is and it will remain the simpliest form of reproduction of a graphic expression: to work on a woodcut it is not necessary to get expensive or special equipment, or to have special knowledges, tat not come from direct visual and material experience. A simple cutter, some paper and some color are already enought to cut in wood a simple image and print it.

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